Material resource planning (MRP)

Bering Global can analyze your ERP-MRP system to ensure you have the controls to properly manage your supply chain. Recommendations will be made based upon analysis. Analysis includes:

  • Catalog design and maintenance
  • Inventory management
  • Requisitioning
  • Procurement
  • Receiving
  • Invoicing

Demand management / quick response

In any material related industry, on time delivery is paramount to the success of your business. Whether your organization provides products to the Alaska market or supplies material to remote operations and projects, Bering Global can analyze and redesign your distribution system to ensure seamless movement of material at a cost effective price. Analysis, design and redesign incorporate the following concepts:

  • Distribution resource planning
  • Replenishment and forecasting techniques
  • Warehousing (cross docking, fulfillment, inventory placement, staging, kitting, tracking)
  • Transportation
  • Technology integration
  • Industry specific conformance identification
  • Routing guide and procedure compliance
  • Reverse logistics

Supplier management program development

The supplier management program is developed to directly support your company’s procurement strategy.  The program is built to enhance supplier capabilities and performance levels.  The program will reduce costs while maintaining the controls necessary measure and manage suppliers.  This program features methods to:

  • Leverage suppliers to reduce internal activities: bar-coding, tagging, staging, etc.
  • Improve on time deliveries and material accuracy
  • Incorporate a methodical process to change inspection rules
  • Incorporate supplier owned inventory
  • Institute performance metrics

Supply chain system development

Remodeling the supply chain to deliver a competitive advantage requires the holistic integration of MRP, distribution planning, technology, trained and educated workforce and mutually beneficial partnerships between suppliers and carriers. This is the central focus of the systems development. Defining the internal and external supply chain system is critical to recognize the borders and junctures that define specific tasks and responsibilities. Bering Global covers the following elements in conducting a supply chain systems analysis:

  • Integration of MRP, demand management, technology, knowledge and partnerships
  • Systems approach (internal company and external supply chain)
  • Manufacturer, supplier and carrier ownership of distribution system
  • Supply chain management modeling and testing
  • Procedure compliance and industry standard practices
  • Recognizing and elevating constraints and bottlenecks
  • Creating benchmarks and performance metrics

Technology recommendation and implementation analysis

Bering Global will help your company identify and integrate market-proven technology that is readily adaptable, improves productivity and provides a true ROI. Bering Global can provide assistance for the following technology:

  • AutoCrib – Industrial material dispensing and replenishment systems
  • Material catalog database design and integration
  • Warehouse management systems (WMS)
  • Business process management solutions
  • Barcode and RFID
  • GPS / GLS platforms
  • Logistics

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