Why AutoCrib Industrial Vending?

AutoCrib systems reduce costs, enforces discipline in the work
area, and supports lean initiatives

  • AutoCrib is a market leader in “point of use” material dispensing systems
  • Provides automated inventory control for direct and indirect material such as MRO supplies, bench stock, tools and personnel protective equipment (PPE).
  • Implemented systems across multiple industries that include: ExxonMobil, Boeing, Halliburton The Department of Defense, Alaska Airlines, Canadian Pacific Rail,  Alyaska Pipeline, General Moters

What can AutoCrib do for your company?

  • Extend supply chain to the “point-of-use”
  • 24/7 tool and supply access
  • Automatic reorder eliminates stock outs
  • Enforces discipline in the work area – 100% accountability
  • Provide reports that assist in decision making
  • Cut indirect costs by 20-40%

Improve Productivity 10 Ways

Reduce Costs 8 Ways

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