Improve Productivity 10 Ways

  1. Eliminate downtime.
  2. Reduce tool crib trip time.
  3. Keep management and supervisors focused on their main job
  4. Make tools, supplies & PPE accessible 24/7 without adding to staff.
  5. Reclaim floor space – and use that space as a revenue generator rather than a cost center.
  6. Make your purchasing process more efficient.
  7. Reclaim staff formerly dedicated to tool cribs, inventory management, receiving, accounts payable and inventory control.
  8. Have a complete record of tools, supplies, and costs used on every job at your fingertip.
  9. Cut Foreign Object Debris [FOD] in Aircraft/Aerospace applications.
  10. Supports initiatives in Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, ISO, OSHA, Sarbanes Oxley, ROA, asset management and stock-out reduction.

Reduce Costs 8 Ways

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